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About The Author

Hello, my name is Mark Law. I am the proprietor of Rational Wine and founder of the personal wine profiling service, Consult Wine.

I have performed as a sommelier, advisor and consultant for many years. After thousands conversations with many wine enthusiasts I have finally broken down what I believe to be the 7 most important factors in wine selection.

To help remove the mystery while retaining the magic of wine, I now offer this ebook to you.

In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • Varietals

    An explanation of what the International Varietals are, and how they can help to vastly simplify the decision process.

  • Regions

    A simple method of exploring between different wine regions to discover more styles and expand your palate.

  • Key Terms

    An explanation of wine terminology, and how to decide which terms are relevant and which ones can be safely ignored.

  • Food + Wine

    A  brief and straightforward method to help you visualise the best food and wine combinations for you.

  • Temperature

    A summary of why temperature considerations matter, and how you can take control of it to maximise your experience.

  • Faults

    The two most important wine faults, and other aroma characteristics to look out for.

And Much More...

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Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Ebook

From the very beginning Mark sets the tone and purpose of "The 7 Key Wine Concepts" effectively... The writing flows well and at the end there is even a list of online resources for those interested in learning more. I'd recommend this book to fellow wine consumers without a second thought.

Hawk W, Los Angeles, USA

Thank god for the “tasting” section! The first time I went to a fancy place with my girlfriend, they pulled out a bottle of wine, I pretended to sniff and taste it… and as soon as the waiter left my girlfriend laughed because she knew I had no idea. I looked at her and said “yep, that’s wine, we’ll take it.” Now I know better!

Lee Johnson, Tampa FL, USA

The 7 Key Wine Concepts is not a dictionary. Rather, it's a guide - a tool for the person who likes wine, and wants to know more, wants to drink better, and most importantly, wants to learn how to think for themselves. In a concise, easy to read format, Mark sets you on your path to wine discovery and encourages you to make up your own mind. This is an important book for any budding wine connoisseur.

Guang L, Sydney, Australia

The 7 Key Wine Concepts is relatively brief but free of filler, explaining the most important aspects of wine in a straightforward fashion. While reading it won’t make you a wine expert overnight, it will definitely help you more easily enjoy wine. Not only that, the book helped me make sense of aspects of wine culture that made zero sense to me as an outsider. For example, one of the book’s chapters discusses the logic of why certain types of wines are best paired with specific types of foods.

Matt Forney,

Bonus: The Rational Wine Note

  • 1

    Take Notes

    Make a record of all the wines you have tasted so you can go back and revisit them in the future.

  • 2

    Develop Habits

    As you become used to taking notes you will begin to remember the main elements of the tasting process.

  • 3

    Training Precision

    With further practice you will be able to face wines head-on in an objective manner, without being influenced by brand names, prices and wine reviews.

In addition to multiple formats of the 7 Key Wine Concepts ebook, you will also receive a FREE copy of the Rational Wine Note, an easy-to-use tool that will train your awareness of the key elements of wine.

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